“The best movie ever made about the power of cinema”: For Denis Villeneuve this movies is a miracle, but no one has gone to the cinema to see it

The success of a film can be measured in different ways: by the reviews it receives, by the reaction of the people who see it, by the awards it wins, or by the box office movie it does. However, these variables may not fit with each other and, thus, we find titles that, despite being praised by critics, do not collect much in theaters .

An example of this is The Fabelmans , Steven Spielberg ‘s latest film . The filmmaker is considered one of the best of all time and this film has received good reviews and seven Oscar nominations . However, no one has gone to the cinema to see The Fabelmans . The film alone has grossed over $31 million worldwide .

The truth is that Spielberg is no longer synonymous with a huge collection. His West Side Story remake alone grossed $76 million worldwide.

But then again, the box office, in the age we live in, doesn’t mean much anymore. And more in a world where streaming platforms are gaining a lot of ground . After the Coronavirus pandemic, those studios that have their own streaming service shortened the distribution window and, currently, only a month and a half passes between the release of a film in theaters and on a platform. Hence, many people prefer to wait for the movie to be released on one of these services to watch it in the comfort of their home

In addition to criticism, there is a film director who has also praised The Fabelmans : Denis Villeneuve . The filmmaker has shared his favorite movies with IndieWire and one of them is the new Spielberg. For the director of Dune and Blade Runner: 2049 , The Fabelmans is a “miracle” .

“It’s the best movie ever made about the power of cinema,” Villeneuve said in a tribute to Spielberg at the DGA Awards.

The Fabelmans , as Villeneuve points out, speaks of the power of cinema because it is the film in which Spielberg talks about his own life. The title narrates the youth of Sammy ( Gabriel LaBelle ), a transcript of the director of Jurassic Park , and the discovery of telling stories with images and sound. Michelle Williams gives life to Mitzi , the mother of the protagonist, and Paul Dano to her father, named Burt . These last two, of course, are the film versions of Spielberg’s own parents.

The Fabelmans is nominated for Oscars for Best Picture , Best Director for Spielberg, Best Actress for Williams, Best Supporting Actor for Judd Hirsch , Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Production Design.