Quynh Ly Madame Nu’s house made fans “scream” because the male god’s visual captivated the sisters’ hearts

Being noticed for her role as Quynh Ly in the movie House of Nuns, Ly Hao Manh Quynh is currently an actor attracting a lot of attention. His fashion sense is also of interest.

Ly Hao Manh Quynh recently released a series of images showing off her beauty and impressive fashion sense, receiving many positive responses from the audience. Besides, his handsome beauty also made the fans “collapse”, they gave many winged compliments to the actor.

Through each photo shoot, Ly Hao Manh Quynh makes viewers constantly admire. His fashion sense is also commented as increasingly trendy, unique style and suitable for his face. With 3 different concepts, the actor has shown a diverse and fresh image. Many people commented that the actress of Mrs. Nu’s house has “makeover”, the style is more impressive.

Loyal to silver hair, Ly Hao Manh Quynh is highly appreciated by many people for this difference and prominence. In the first concept, the actor born in 1995 chose an outfit with a slightly rebellious scent. He wears a shirt with many striking patterns on a black background, flared pants with more cuts combined with high-heeled shoes and many cool, “bad boy” accessories.

In the second concept, Ly Hao Manh Quynh returned with the image of a “legendary male god”, showing off his “spotless” visual. His handsome appearance made many fans “commotion”, giving many compliments and favoring the new title of “national husband”.

The most unique and different fashion style is evaluated in the last photo shoot of Ly Hao Manh Quynh. He chose for himself a student suit, but the highlight was that the back of the shirt was designed long and fell to the ground. In addition, the actor also combines many accessories such as rings, earrings, embellished with personality, making a breakthrough to renew himself.

Ly Hao Manh Quynh is an actor who has received a lot of attention and love from the audience recently. As a young artist with a remarkable breakthrough, most recently he attracted attention through his role in the movie project House of Nu . This is also a work that helps Ly Hao Manh Quynh’s name come closer to the public.

Although he only took on a small role in the house of Mrs. Nu , the actor did well and fulfilled his duties. He made a strong impression on the audience when possessing charming, deep acting and capturing the character’s psychology. With the success of this project, Ly Hao Manh Quynh proved his name and strength to the audience. Successfully transforming and reaping sweet fruits after nearly 10 years of rolling in showbiz, Ly Hao Manh Quynh promises to have more breakthroughs in the near future.