Movie releases: ‘Creed 3’, ‘To Leslie’ or ‘Inspiration. The great Pirandello” stand out in the premieres on Friday, March 3

Fists up. The franchise derived from ‘Rocky’ arrives with a lot of muscle but without Sylvester Stallone. One of those independent films catapulted by a great actress, Andrea Riseborough, nominated for an Oscar, is also released. After ‘The Father’, the filmmaker Florian Zeller once again delves into family relationships with ‘The Son’, starring Hugh Jackman. And an interesting look at the world of theater is the title that approaches the figure of Pirandello.

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Welcome one more week to our particular Antena 3 Noticias movie theater. This week we have movies full of sweat, muscles and overcoming . Titles about losers in search of redemption, family relationships or the latest work of a great star retired from Hollywood due to illness. Let’s go there with the outstanding titles of this March 3.

Creed III

Rocky’s shadow is long and this Friday the premiere of ‘Creed III’ shows it. Now without Sylvester Stallone , the pupil and son of his fictional friend, Adonis Creed, is here already a world-famous boxer who will face an old friend released from jail

With a renewed visual style, directed by the protagonist Michael B. Jordan himself, here we have again a story of overcoming, fears, blows and a lot of muscle.

To Leslie

Film with independent airs although with its protagonist, Andrea Riseborough, with an Oscar nomination is ‘To Leslie’ . Deep America. A woman squanders the money won in the lottery. She has a problem with alcohol, her son disowns her… so she seeks a second chance and her redemption. And all based on a true story.

The inspiration. The great Pirandello

Tribute to the world of theater and ‘Six characters in search of an author’ is ‘Inspiration. The great Pirandello’. The theatrical creator returns here to his native Sicily and is captivated by the adventures of two gravediggers to carry out a play. The Italian actor Toni Servillo, known for his work in ‘La gran belleza’, gives life to the playwright in his third collaboration with director Roberto Andó, after ‘Viva la libertad’ and ‘Las confesiones’.

The son

After the film ‘The Father’, with which Anthony Hopkins won an Oscar , Florian Zeller brings to the screen the second installment of his theatrical trilogy on the family, ‘The Son’, this time starring the actors Hugh Jackman and Laura dern .

Jackman is a busy father living with his new partner and baby when his distant and troublesome teenage son moves in with them, putting the family in a dangerous situation.

Saint Omer

Based on a true story of an infanticide that shocked France in 2016, ‘Saint Omer: the people against Laurence Coly’ is a courtroom drama that has represented France at the Oscars and has won, among others, the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Festival or for best film at the Seville European Film Festival. Alice Diop, a Frenchwoman of Senegalese origin, directs the film about a young woman accused of letting her 15-month-old baby die by abandoning him at high tide on a beach in northern France.

Detective Knight: Last Mission

And a film with a certain bittersweet flavor is ‘Detective Knight: Last Mission’, Bruce Willis’s pending premiere. Shot before his diagnosis of dementia and aphasia , Willis leaves us here in his legacy a new tough guy role.